Tutu Measurement Chart
Getting the correct measurements for making a correctly tailored tutu is vital.

The tutu must sit correctly, not dip at the front, rise at the back or sag at the knickers.  A ballerina needs a tutu that fits like a glove and should not have to worry about the fastenings coming undone etc.

This is why the accuracy of the measurements you submit is of paramount importance. Please be very careful and precise when completing the measuring chart. Please feel free to contact me for free advice at this vital stage. 

​The measurements are used to construct a calico toile which will be fitted to the dancer.

Please download the body form and then enter all of the following information (measurements in inches please):
Body Form
Full Name
Dress Size
A (Full Girth)
B (Half Girth)
C (Bikini Girth)
D (over bust, under arm)
E (Bust and Body)
F (diaphragm)
G (waist around body)
H (waist to hip bone)
I (upper hip & body)
J (lower hip largest)
K (nipple to nipple)
N (back nape to waist)
T (around top thigh knicker line)
Your email address
Please take great care when entering measurements as I cannot be held responsible for erroneous submissions.

​If you are in any doubt whatsoever then please contact me on
​07551 22 1443.